AlmondNourish Daily Nourishing Body Lotion SPF 20

AlmondNourish Daily Nourishing Body Lotion SPF 20_250ml

Nourish your skin with the indulgent smoothness of Almond. 

Lotus Herbals Almond Nourish Daily Nourishing Body Lotion SPF 20 is 

enriched with the benefits of almond oil. It makes skin soft and smooth, 

eases away fine lines and abrasions making your skin look and feel magical. 

What is great is the fact that this amazing body lotion comes with a built in SPF as well. 

So along with super hydration, you also get the benefit of sun screen to shield and 

protect your skin against sun damage. 

Unlike most products which leave a white cast or oily layer on top of the skin, 

this body lotion with SPF does not leave skin oily or sticky. 

The goodness and gentleness of the natural ingredients helps skin feel fresh and alive all day long. 

Over time, the visibility of fine lines, marks and scars is also reduced and skin becomes even-toned and fair. 

Organic skin care product prevents the skin from drying up and is completely free of stickiness. 

It helps skin retain moisture for long and stay soft and supple.

Ex Tax: $500.00

CocoaCaress Daily Hand & Body Lotion SPF 20

CocoaCaress Daily Hand & Body Lotion SPF 20_250ml

Lotus Herbals Cocoa Caress Daily Hand & Body Lotion SPF 20 is the 

most trusted body lotion that provides you an enviable complexion by application on 

normal and dry skin types. This body lotion has a sun protection factor of 

20 and consists of natural ingredients including cocoa butter and rose water that provides you a soft, 

supple and hydrated skin all day long. This lotion keeps your skin healthy and 

is considered as a special skin hydrating agent.This lotion moisturizes and 

nourishes your skin with the use of cocoa butter and helps in reducing stretch marks, 

fine lines and scars and best recommended for normal to dry skin. 

It has the skin healing properties and is clinically recommended by dermatologists for its mildness and 

anti-allergic properties.

Ex Tax: $500.00

AloeSoft Daily Body Lotion SPF 20

AloeSoft Daily Body Lotion SPF 20_250ml

If you wish to get a healthy, radiant and supple skin, 

Lotus Herbals AloeSoft Daily Body Lotion SPF 20 is an ideal body lotion. 

It is designed for both men and women and suits all skin types. 

To properly nourish and moisturise the skin, 

it is enriched with Aloe Vera and Cucumber extracts. 

With the regular use of this lotion, your skin will feel comfortable and refreshed.

This lotion is an oil-free formulation and makes the skin non-greasy and allergy free. 

Its natural ingredients help to lighten the skin by reducing the pigmentation intensity. 

It has soothing effects on the skin and helps to tighten the open pores. 

This lotion is also effective for the dry and cracked skin.

Ex Tax: $500.00